Along the Strimonikos gulf there are many organized and non-organized beaches, where you can enjoy your swim. The level is shallow and the shore is sandy. Suitable for all ages. Many of them have been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union. On the shore you can play Beach Volley and fish early in the morning or late at night. You can also do diving and all water sports.




Stavros and the surrounding area is also suitable for hiking in the mountains with 10 routes in the wonderful vegetation.



Restaurants / Café-Bars

The area offers a variety of restaurants and Café-Bars, centrally located, beach or mountain views.


Plane tree forest

This is the only plane tree forest in Greece within walking distance from the sea. Within the plane tree forest is the small church of Agios Ioannis, built by the refugees who came to Stavros after the persecution of 1922, in honor of the church that was located in their village, Katerli. In this space, every year, the landing of the refugees takes place in a modest but also brilliant memorial ceremony. In the shadow of the tall and centuries-old plane trees there are café-bars as well as volleyball, basketball and playground facilities.



You can rent a bicycle and enjoy the rides on the streets of Stavros.





Amusement parks and playgrounds

In the neighborhoods of Stavros there are many playgrounds. During summer an amusement park is operating. From there starts a train that goes around Stavros.




Horse Riding

Horse riding and getaways to the forest, to the lake and to Macedonian Tempi for all ages.






Cultural Events

  • Carnival – every year on the Sunday of Turin (last Sunday of Carnival)
  • Sougliani Trail – every year, around the middle of April, the Nature-loving Mountaineering Association of Stavros ( organizes, at the foot of Mount Stratonikos, a mountain route to familiarize the mountain with the runners. The race is called Sougliani Trail, it is about 25 km long and at an altitude of 1500 meters. You can find more details about Trail Sougliani at:
  • Four days of music and the Feast of the Sea and celebration of Agia Paraskevi as the patron saint of the Stavros of Thessaloniki – July 24, 25, 26
  • Sardine Festival – July 26 with a variety of music and dance events
  • Feast of St. John – on August 29, which commemorates the settlement of refugees from Minor Asia in the village
  • Theatrical and musical performances – during summer
  • Folklore MuseumThe renovated former primary school of Ano Stavros operates as the first museum of the municipality of Volvi with advanced digital applications.